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2015 Wisconsin Pulls by Date

*Wisconsin Horse Pullers Assoc. *Lance Machine * Midwest Farmers Horse Pulling Assoc.

* Minnesota Horsepuller's Assoc.

(any individual pull that would like to advertise and list their contact info, please contactus@horsepull.com)

Sat May 23 2015 *Ontario, WI 12 noon
Ponies 10am
3000#-3200# - Heavies
Sun May 24 *Midnight Riders Saddle Club
Mondovi, WI
1 pm  
Sun May 31 *44th Cameron Civic Club Camerama
Cameron, WI
1 pm 3200#/Heavies
Fri June 5 *Wally's Seymour Bowl
Seymour, WI
6 pm Heavies
Sat June 13 *Ron Soppa Memorial Pull
Connie Soppa Farm

Arcadia, WI
12 noon
Miniature Draft Horse &
Ponies 10 am
Sun June 13 *Elmwood Rod & Gun
Elmwood, WI
12 noon  
Sun June 14 **Deerfield Firemen
Deerfield, WI
10 am 3200#/Heavies
Fri June 19 *Barrel Inn Summertime Series #1
Deansville, WI

6 pm

$120-110-100-90-80-70-60-50-40-30- 20 not placing

$10 entry fee per team

Weigh on grounds 3-5 pm
# This is a new series of 4 pulls put on by Barrel Inn, Deansville, WI as points will be given at each pull by Barrel Inn. Payout for pull #4 will be based on teams with accumulated points and numbers of teams per class, with larger payout than the first three pulls - so prize money will be bigger for teams which have pulled at all four pulls in the series. Also introducing this new series of pulls will be Q106's Jackson Jones. Other Dates: July 10, Aug 21 and Sept 12.
Sat June 20 *John Vold Memorial
Osseo Rod & Gun - Lake Martha Days

Osseo, WI
11 am 3000#-3200#-Heavies
Sun June 21 *Bohemian Valley Sport Clu Inc
Middle Ridge, WI
12 noon 3000#/Heavies
Sun June 21 *Francis Derks Memorial
Stanley, WI
1:30 pm 3200#/Heavies
Sun June 21 **Cottage Grove, WI 9:30 am 3200#/Heavies
Thu June 25 **Elroy Fair
Elroy, WI
7 pm 3000#/Heavies
Weigh on grds 4-5:30 pm
Sat June 27 *Ridgeland, WI 12 noon 3200#/Heavies
Sat June 27 *Wilson Nite Club
Wilson, WI
1 pm  
Thu July 2 **Stoughton Fair
Stoughton, WI

7 pm
In front of grandstand, Only Pullers park in infield. Weather permitting * Rain or Shine

$125-115-105-95-85-75-65-55 each class

Weigh Jim Lowrey's
4-4:30 pm
Fri July 3 **Lions Club
Augusta, WI
10 am 3000#-3200#-Heavies
Hvys pull 1st
Fri July 3 *Coulee Region Rides Club
Holmen, WI
6:30 pm 3000#/Heavies
Sat July 4 **Waterloo Firemen's Festival
Waterloo, WI
12 noon 3200#/Heavies
Sun July 5 *R Bar
Chetek, WI
12 noon 3200#/Heavies
Thu July 9 *Lodi Fair
Lodi, WI
7 pm 3200#/Heavies
Fri July 10 *Barrel Inn Summertime Series #2
Deansville, WI

6 pm


Weigh on grounds 3-5:30pm
Fri July 10 *Turtle Lake Inter-County Fair
Turtle Lake, WI
7 pm 3200#/Heavies
Sat July 11 *Kornarek Well Drilling & Price Cty Farm Bureau
Ogema, WI
10:30 am 3000#-3200#-Heavies
Thu July 16 *St Croix County Fair
Glenwood City WI
6:30 pm  
Fri July 17 *West Salem, WI 7 pm 3200#/Heavies
Wed July 22 ** Washington County Fair
West Bend, WI

7 pm

$180-170-160-150-140-130-120-100 each class


Weigh at West Bend Elevator, Cty Rd D
4-4:30 pm

Thu July 23

*Burnett County Fair
Webster, WI

6:30 pm  
Sat July 25 ** Green County Fair
Monroe, WI

10 am

$150-130-110-90-80-70-60-50 each class


Weigh Craigo Grain
816 30th St, Monroe

Sun July 26 **Denmark Lions
Denmark, WI
1 pm 3200#/Heavies
Sun July 26 *Lions Club
Butternut, WI
2 pm 3200#/Heavies
Thu July 30

*Polk County Fair
St Croix Falls, WI

8 pm extra payback
Sat August 1 Buffalo County Fair
Mondovi, WI
11 am  
Sat August 1 *Wilson Nite Club
Wilson, WI
11 am SHARP

3000#, 3200#, Heavies

3200# pull First

Sun August 2 *Rock County 4-H Fair
Janesville, WI
10 am


Weigh Jim Lowrey's 7-8 am

Sun August 2 *Iron County Fair
Saxon, WI
1:30 pm 3200#/Heavies
Sun August 2 *Chaseburg Legion
Chaseburg, WI
12 nooon 3000#/3200#
Fri August 7 **Utica Assoc
Utica, WI
6 pm 3200#/Heavies
Fri August 7 *Rusk County Junior Fair
Ladysmith, WI
7 pm camping available
Sat August 8 * Marshall Firemen
Bud Ward Memorial

Marshall, WI
1 pm 3200#/Heavies

August 9

**Wisconsin State Fair * Coliseum
West Allis, WI


** MORE WSF INFO below

Entry Deadline has passed. You can enter the day of the pull with an additional $100 fee

  • June 10 (2nd Wednesday of June) – postmark for mailed entries (submitting a paper entry and pay fees with a check/money order).
  • June 24 (4th Wednesday of June) at 7 pm (Central Time): Online entries close at regular fees (enter online and pay with a credit card).

Substitution reminders – substitutions within department are no charge until July 29th. A substitution fee will apply in all classes and divisions after July 30th.

3000# 1 pm
3200# 3 pm
Heavies 7 pm
(or there abouts)

Heavies: It is YOUR responsibility to check in with Lawana no later
than 5 pm
Even if you have entered early !
Please don't
assume you are on the official scoresheet - or you could go to the bottom
of the list.

Prize Money: $600-500-400-300-275-250--225-200-175-165-155-145-135
Paying 15 Places each class

Weigh 10-11 am on grounds

3000# weighs first

**Wisconsin State Fair Information: The entry forms will be on line in May, all pullers are to fill out their sizes for t-shirts (up to 3) - no charge for shirts with entries. Everyone is required to WEAR t-shirts to be on arena floor. This will be the same shirt as last year. So if they don't need them that is fine, but know they are required to have them and can be included with entry form. The new shirts will be delivered to Lawana on the day of pull - packaged together per entry filed - so make sure your SIZES are Correct. Additional t-shirts are $5.00 each. ENTRY FORMS: www.wistatefair.com (website) go to fair competitions, open show livestock, horsepull rules and entry forms. AFTER JUNE 15th.
Sun August 16 *Pierce County Fair
Ellsworth, WI
12:20 pm  
Sun Augusts 16 *Chelsea Conservation Club
Chelsea, WI
12:30 pm 3000#, 3200#, Heavies
Fri August 21 *Barrel Inn Summertime Series #3
Deansville, WI

6 pm


Weigh on grounds 3-5:30pm
Sat August 22 *28th Annual El Paso Days
El Paso, WI
12 noon  
Sat August 22 *150th Juneau County Fair
Mauston, WI
5:30 pm 3000#-3200#-Heavies
Sat August 22 *Dodge County Fair
Beaver Dam, WI
9 am 3200#/Heavies
Sat August 22 *Oconto Fair
Gillett, WI
9 am 3200#/Heavies
Sun August 23 *Brown County Fair
DePere, WI
10 am 3200#/Heavies
Sun August 23 *36th Annual Horse Pull
Alma, WI
12 noon 3000#- 3200#-Heavies
Sun August 29 *Loyal Corn Festival
Loyal WI
1 pm 3000#/3200#/Heavies
Mon August 30 Florence County Fair
Florence, WI
3 pm Overweight /Heavies
Sun August 30 *American Legion Park
Palmyra, WI
12 noon 3200#/Heavies
Fri September 4 *20th Annual Central Wisconsin State Fair
Marshfield, WI
6 pm 3200#/Heavies
Sat September 5 *RB Riders Club
Carol Krueger Memorial

Rockland, WI
11 am


Pull in that order!

Sun September 6 *LazyL Trailers
Mondovi, WI
11 am 3000# - 3200# - Heavies
Hvys pull 1st
Sun September 6 **Calumet County Fair
Chilton, WI
1:30 pm 3200#/Heavies
Sun September 6 *Glidden Community Fair
Glidden, WI
12:30 pm 3200#/Heavies
Mon September 7 *Ridgeland Fair
Ridgeland, WI
9 am  
Mon September 7 **Walworth County Fair
Elkhorn, WI
8:30 am


weigh K Markham farm 6-6:30 am

Mon September 7 Jim Falls Sturgeon Fest
Jim Falls, WI
1 pm 3000#/Heavies
Sat September 12 *Torch's Neubauer Memorial
Menomonie, WI
1 pm  
Sat September 12 *Barrel Inn Summertime Series #4
Deansville, WI

12 noon


Weigh on grounds 3-5:30pm
Sun September 13 *Elmwood Rod & Gun
Elmwood, WI
11 am 3000#-3200#-Heavies
Fri September 18 Wisconsin National Pull
Dunn Cty Rec Park
Menomonie, WI
*WHPA 3000# - 5 pm
*Barefoot Horse 3100# - 7 pm
Scale open 3-5 pm
Sat September 19 Wisconsin National Pull
Dunn Cty Rec Park
Menomonie, WI
49" Ponies - 10:30 am
*WHPA 3200# - noon
51" Ponies - 3 pm
*Barefoot Heavies pm - 6 pm,
Sun September 20 Wisconsin National Pull
Dunn Cty Rec Park
Menomonie, WI
53" Ponies - 10 am
*WHPA Heavies - 1 pm
Sat September 26 *85th Viola Horse & Colt Show
Viola, WI
9:30 am 3200#/Heavies
October 2
October 3
SuperPULL More Info to follow 53" Ponies, 3200#, 3400#, Heavies




Please contactus@horsepull.com with information

Horsepull.com is not responsible for errors, changes and/or modifications to horsepulling contests listed on this site.It is best to try to contact someone putting on the pull for further information.


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