Record Loads

Lance Machine 

3000# class - 3650#   Mike Zibell, Cambridge, WI, owner
                                              Jay Bowe ,  Cambridge, WI, driver   Chip & Jessie    POH, Ltd. National  - June 1999

  and                                      Mike Zibell, Cambridge, WI, owner/driver    Rock & Mark    Elroy Fair  - June 2002

3200# class - 3900#    Ron Soppa, Arcadia, WI  owner/driver      Doc & Prince          Waterloo, WI     July 4, 2011

Heavyweight class - 4525#       John Loomis, Mondovi, WI  owner/driver   Diesel & Dan    Waterloo, WI  -  July 5, 2014

New York Machine

Florida Machine?

Michigan Dynamometer
Heavyweight class - 4650#  Boomer Clark Belfast, NY owner/driver  C.D. & Oscar     Heavyweight National - Hillsdale, MI  Sept 24, 2002

We understand that Boomer raised this team from colts and broke them himself. "Quite a compliment to Boomer"
We would love to have the other class records, please.

Reed Machine
Heavyweight class - 4550#   Ray Powell  New Castle, KY owner
                                                       Robin Powell Pleasureville, KY driver   Buck & Shaggy  

This is the only information we have received for the Reed Machine. If anyone knows the records in other classes, please let us know.

And we'd love to have CURRENT and More info from other machines & pulls..... Please help

us update our Records.