Death: 7/27/2001

 Max started pulling draft horses in 1973 as he and his father pulled ponies before this time. He started breaking records in 1979 at Hillsdale with a split team with Albert Kraemer. This heavyweight record was 4400 and in 1980, he broke the record of 4425 at Centreville, MI and then twice at Hillsdale the same year of 4450 and 4500.

His lightweight records (3200#)started in 1983 with a split team with Bob Williams as they crossed 4075 at Hillsdale County Fair. Again in 1990 Max and Bill Keegan set a new lightweight record of 4100 and 4125 at Hillsdale. He has won the lightweight class at the Michigan Great Lakes International in 1983 and 1992 and the heavyweight class in 1978,1979,1980 and 1990. Along with being a great teamster, Max served on the Board of the Michigan Dynamometer Association as a Director from 1979 to 2001.

presented by: MDA

photos: Cecil Darnell

 ​Max Ledyard