Clarksville, MI  -    Clare Stahl was intense in every horse related thing he did. He was intense when he farmed with horses, when he pulled in competition, and when he progressed into other aspects within the horse pulling arena. After maturing out of pulling competitions, Clare jumped right into working with the associations. He worked to always improve the quality of the contests and to get the prize money to a level that brought in the best teams and spectators.

As he worked to improve sportsmanship, prize, money, and fair play, he was also working with the younger association members to be alert for new contests that could be added to their schedule.

He kept growing in his professionalism within the association and the industry until the end of his life


Respectfully submitted on behalf of and with the approval of Butch Stahl (Clare's son), Middleville, MI * Al Dillon , PAA 

Clare Stahl