WHPA, Inc Point Winners 2014


1st - Josh Wickum, Menomonie, WI 118 points

2nd -Bill Hanson Chatfield, MN 93 points

3rd - Jim Anderson, Bangor, WI 74 points


lst - Dean Heckathorn, Michigan - 183 points

2nd - Jon Wickum, Kenyon, MN 173 points

3rd - Bill Hanson, Chatfield, MN 142 points


lst - John Loomis, Mondovi, WI 178 points

2nd - Gary Smith, North Freedom, WI 158 points

3rd - Randy Kurth, Deerfield, WI 154 points

WHPA, Inc Point Winners 2013


1st tie - Josh Wickum, Menomonie, WI 125 points

1st tie - Jim Anderson, Bangor, WI 125 points

2nd -Bill Hanson Chatfield, MN 106 points


Ron Soppa – Arcadia WI

Alan Grass – Blair WI

Glen Larsen – Denmark WI


John Loomis – Mondovi WI

Virgil Perry – Blair WI

Gary Smith – North Freedom WI



WHPA, Inc Point Winners 2010
# class

l. Jim Anderson, Bangor, WI

2. Dusty Sayles, Houston, MN

3. Keith Hill, Marshfield, WI

3200# class

1. Ron Soppa, Arcadia, WI

2. Glen Larsen, Denmark, WI

3. Ken Markharm, Elkhorn, WI

Heavyweight Class

1. Virgil Perry, Blair, WI

2. Becky Loomis, Mondovi, WI

3. John Loomis, Mondovi, WI



WHPA, Inc. Point Winners 2009
3000# Winners

Bill Hanson
Ashley Anderson
Melvin Yoder


3200# Winners

Ron Soppa
Glen Larsen
Kenny Markham

Heavyweight Winners

Becky Loomis
Nate Shipley
John Loomis

Points are given at each Wisconsin pull according to the number of teams in their given class. Points are given for ALL placings, down to 1, for last place. The more pulls