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Midwest Dynamometer Horse Pulling


Use to be the old Iowa Machine and was purchased by Dale Huston, Wisconsin, at the Draft Horse Sale in Cedar Rapids, Iowa in the 1970's.

My name is Bryan Davis.  I am contacting you to let you know that Virgil Buffington and I have purchased the Huston machine, previously referred to as the old Iowa machine.  Virgil contacted Dale Huston of Cottage Grove, Wisconsin about the possibility of purchasing the machine, and in January of this year we brought it back to Iowa.  The machine is still on the 1937 Ford truck that it had been transferred to in 1940.  We have restored it to working condition and made modifications to the driver's platform and seat, making it more user friendly.  Our first pull was at the county fair in Savannah, MO on June 20, 2009.  We then used it for contests at the Poweshiek County Fair in Grinnell, IA on July 25;  the Midwest Antique Power Show in State Center, IA on August 1; and the Nebraska State Fair on September 5.  Our final outing this year will be back in Savannah, MO on September 25 at 7 p.m.  Since this machine has not been used for many years, there are many pullers who had not pulled on, or even seen a machine work.  The response from the pullers and the spectators has been great.
Virgil lives in Jamesport, MO; but was born and raised in Colo, IA.  I have always lived in Grinnell, IA.  We became friends through sled pulling in the last few years and Virgil had always hoped to bring the machine back to the MIdwest.  Virgil's late father, Clifford Buffington, was the man who operated the machine when it was still home based in Iowa.  Clifford traveled around Iowa, Missouri, and Wisconsin putting on pulls and when he passed away the machine was sold at the last Cedar Rapids, IA Draft Horse Sale in 1972 to Dale Huston. 
We have done extensive research at Iowa State University where the machine was developed under the direction of Professor E. V. Collins, who held the patent for the horse pulling dynamometer.
We are pulling under the name, Midwest Dynamometer Horse Pulling.  We had a total of five pulls this year, and are already booking dates for 2010.  Submitted 9/09 by Bryan Davis





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