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PA Farm Show coming in January 2019.PA Farm Show 2019

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Send pulling schedules AND results to: contactus@horsepull.comso we can get them out to your FANS!
Results must be typed out for us to use on this site. We are horse people too and have no time to figure out a score sheet, much less many score sheets as they come in. Please   Find someone to type them out and email to: 

Very Much Appreciated!

if you have an immediate change in your horsepull or have other urgent info we need to share with the public.

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This 7-piece award winning  Country Show Band is a fan favorite. Voted Best Country Band for over 10 years in a row. Male Vocalist Awards and Best Original Song awards.

From the Midwest, they've toured in several states to put have a party with their fans.

Check out their original music on iTunes and

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